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Suneel Sharma, CMT

Suneel Sharma has a robust agricultural business, investments, and finance background.
He is enthusiastic about entrepreneurial ventures and experienced in agricultural and commoditybusiness as well as the financial markets. Mr. Sharma is a graduate of the University of California- Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Chemistry. While at UC Davis, his broad spectrum of studies included ‘pure’ sciences and Economics. In 2003 Mr. Sharma Completed his Masters in Finance from Golden Gate University. Additionally, obtaining a Post-
Graduate Diploma in Technical Market Analysis from Golden Gate University.

Mr. Sharma has been an Independent Equities, Options, and Futures trader since 1992.
Along the way, he has successfully developed and executed robust trading plans. He continues to refine his craft. Mr. Sharma is a member of the Market Technicians Association and holds the
prestigious Chartered Market Technician (“CMT”) designation. This was the 390th such
designation in 2003 since the program’s inception in the 1970s. Mr. Sharma was also a founding member of the Coffee Futures Exchange of India.

Mr. Sharma has farmed in California since 1989. He was a general partner of Sunrise
Orchards until 2006, a family partnership, growing from field laborers to owning and farming
several thousand acres of fruits and nuts in the Sacramento Valley. Notable transactions include establishing a “Greenbelt” buffer between the cities of Dixon and Vacaville by acquiring 774 acres of land from the respective cities and developing walnut orchards thereon.

Mr. Sharma now independently farms Walnuts and Almonds. He has been marketing his
entire crop independently since 2013. His focus and attention have been moving from marketing alone to commercially process his product and others for several years.

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