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The Pioneer Nut Co. has a deep and rich history. The Stephens Family- a well-respected farming family - of Yuba City, CA, founded PNC in 2008. After over a decade in business, the Stephens choose to move on to other interests.  Suneel Sharma and his family, who’s crop PNC was already processing, was the perfect fit to take the proverbial baton and run with it!

The Sharmas have relocated PNC from its original location in McCarran, NV, to Chico, CA, increasing capabilities and offerings along the way. In addition to shelling high-quality walnuts, as it always has, PNC now amongst other things:

  • Offers hulling and drying, 

  • Offers inshell sizing and packing AND

  • Offers additional nut products 


Additionally, because PNC’s new home is in California with nearly quadruple the space under-roof than before, PNC can now receive, process, and store nuts year-round. Further, the new home will bring logistical and operational efficacy by housing all of the various nut businesses/ processes under one umbrella on our 15-acre campus. This structure is rare in the nut industry, and we look to use it to create value for our growers and customers alike.


PNC pride’s itself on its mission statement: “Honesty is the best policy- It’s our only policy.” PNC strives to serve our suppliers and customers with the utmost professionalism and become your business's trusted partner.



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